“I see them again, the three brothers, standing over the ruins of Fiefnod. But the brothers aren’t alone this time, and that’s why they’ll succeed…”

A gripping tale, set in the province of Ire, plays out with consequences that could change the world.

A rogue of daring stunts and noble habits.

A warlock who’s lust for power knows no limitations.

A sorcerer that yields magics he can barely control.

A half-elf with the utmost devotion to Lolth.

A neutral dragonborn with an insatiable hunger for pie.

And a swordmage who really really likes swords lots.

The prophecy chose them. Vareein’s truest agent found them. And this time, they will not fail.

The Three Tiefling Prophecy

bachmichael Khazablagrawthiel