A half-elf with the utmost devotion to Lolth.


Ability Scores

10 str 13 con 8 dex 13 int 13 wis 21 cha

Defenses 21 AC 16 Fort 18 Ref 21 Will


Born cursed and thrown out of elvish society as a miscreant, his hatred of elf kind has festered into a burning rage over the course of his childhood. Although he may seem sweet and charming, he will only use this to get hookers for Sir Chronic, or to his personal advantage. Likes to collect useless, gruesome mementos of dead foes and uses them to dishearten his enemies. He looks to Rokkan as a weird sort of mentor as they worship the same deity, and due to the fact he is 16 without a father figure. He seems to have a weak bladder as he frequently urinates on things such as enemies, incapacitated allies and anything else suspicious; but really he just likes to be a dick. He hurls insults as weapons in combat like a monkey hurls poo in the zoo. He has become known as The “Demon” Bard of Lolth, which he is usually refutes so he can ineffectively attack the person with a javelin while they are off guard.


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