The Three Tiefling Prophecy

Journal of Events you never forget what Chronic drank, where Rhogar fell asleep and who's body parts Khaz has.

The story so far…

  • A mysterious letter sent by O.O. gathered the adventurers at an abandoned mansion just outside the small town of Glessa.

  • The mansion turned out to be a trap set up by Aaron of Winst and Caine Loreoak, members of the Order of Vareein.

  • Arriving in the town of Alehelm, Chronic slept with a trio of halfling women and Khaz sold a counterfeit emerald to Gelfin, an Eladrin guard.

  • From there they were led outside the village by an Elf named Eliza, she pointed them off to the temple of Vareein.

  • On the way through the swamp, they rain into a ranger by the name of Rain.

  • Upon arriving at the temple, the Order of Vareein failed at destroying our heroes, so in return they set a stack of mattress on fire.

  • Later in the temple they learned more about the prophecy, talked their way past an enchanted door, almost had their prophecy unspoken and murdered one of the Order’s leaders, Caine Loreoak.

  • Outside of the temple, they made their way to the small town of Newer Tella where Chronic got his dick cursed, some gnome adventurers got murdered and they learned about the fate of Old Tella.

  • Arriving at Old Tella, the adventurers made their way through Vroshtic’s sewers, met up with Hunk, Goliath Swordmage and a Deva Avenger. In the sewers a variety of things happened:
      1 – They killed vampire overlord Vroshtic and his medusa bitch Slanna
      2 – The heroes turned against their fellow ranger Rain
      3 – After some carnal invasion, wizard Merkin cast a lethal magic missile at Rain, knocking her battered corpse through a portal.
      4 – The “heroes” then travelled through the portal and up into the city of Tellagri in the Shadowfel realm.

  • After exploring Tellagri, they located the location of Vroshtic’s coffin beneath The Sloppy Medusa Inn & Tavern.

  • Rhogar ate some pie.

  • There, they waited til Lolthfest and burned it down right after escaping into the vault below and destroyed it.

  • On the way to Old Tella, Rokkan encountered a demon that gave him the power he desired in return for a favour down the road.

  • Returning to New Tella as heroes, they conned the townspeople into believing their leaders were demonlords, effectively taking over New Tella and claiming it as their own.

  • New Tella officially was rechristened as Chunk Mook.

  • After spending a month re-structuring Chunk Mook, they took off for Stilt Market where they competed in the Great Arena.

  • During the challenges, Merkin the Misser and his falcon Ferkin met their untimely fate by a goblin rager.

  • Needing another arcane Tiefling to comply with the prophecy, they met up with Tiefling sorcerer Husker and convinced him to join their adventuring party.

  • From there, they competed in the Chalice Cup where Rokkan slayed his one true friend Chronic of Bluntington. Also: they uncovered a mysterious music box from the Arena treasury.

  • The heroes adventurers then made a pact with the Raven Queen herself to save their friend from the grave, in return for their use as pawns at a later date.

  • Rhogar, Rokkan, Hunk, Husker and the now Revenant Sir Chronic were sent to the ruins of Fiefnod, where in a series of flashbacks they learned more about their previous lives and the history of Fiefnod.

  • Making their way through a series of traps that their former selves erected, the heroes adventuring party recovered part of the key to the Night Tower, and ascended upwards through a narrow shaft, ending on a high note and leading them to the next chapter in their quest.
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